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  • Bumprider Toddler Board


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    Bumprider Toddler Board

    Bumprider Toddler Board is the most universal and adaptable toddler board for prams. It is the simple, quick and one-for-all solution to accommodating that toddler who is still too young to walk all the way on their own, yet too big for the pram. The Bumprider has been designed around ease of use and adaptability, which gives it almost endless adjustment possibilities, meaning it fits on all prams. And quickly too, less than 5 minutes in fact. Sounds almost too easy doesn’t it? It is.

    1. Adjustable arms: there are almost endless possibilities for attaching the Bumprider as the arms are adjustable up, down, sideways and lengthways
    2. Anti-slip surface: the standing platform has a rubber anti-slip surface to ensure the toddler doesn’t slip off accidentally
    3. Height adjustment: once attached to the pram, the Bumprider can be adjusted to the correct height quickly, simply and securely, without tools.
    4. Suspension: the unique suspension technique ensures a smooth ride on all types of terrain The Bumprider is guaranteed to fit 100% of strollers and prams

    • Takes less than 5 minutes to fit to even the most difficult prams
    • No extra adapters or connectors needed for different prams – one size fits all
    • The flexible fitting provides greater maneuverability, ensuring ease of use
    • Balanced suspension technique ensures a smooth ride, even on bumpy roads
    • Suitable for children from 2 to 5 years of age and up to 30 kg
    • Universal connector has endless adjustment positions
    • Simple, quick & easy adjustment
    • No tools or extra adapters required
    • 9 colours: black
    • Designed & tested in Sweden