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    ByKay AQUAcarrier


    Taking a shower safely or splashing in the swimming pool with your baby while your hands are free? It’s possible with the ByKay AQUAcarrier. This new, unique carrier is made of fast-drying, soft fabric and it enables you to carry your baby in a safe and comfortable way under the shower or on the (slippery) swimming pool floor. And you can take your baby into the water just like that!


    Most babies love taking a shower with mummy or daddy. And often you simply lack time to enjoy a long bathing ritual. Taking a shower together can be done simply and safely with the ByKay AQUAcarrier. You carry your baby in the carrier on your hip or belly and go under the shower just like that! Because you’ve got your hands free, you can lather your child without the fear of it becoming too slippery. Because the carrier is made of stretch fabric there is sufficient space to wash your baby (and yourself) properly. Also your other children can come along under the shower. This way you can enjoy this special time of the day as long as you want; after all, you don’t need to carry your baby (it doesn’t become heavy) and you don’t have to be afraid you may drop your child. Also this way of showering is ideal for baby’s who have to get used to water: being close to mummy feels nice and secure!


    Also in the swimming pool the ByKay AQUAcarrier is ideal. You can easily wear it over your swimsuit and under your normal clothing. The baby goes into the carrier and you can quickly go into the water together. So, no fussing about inflatable tyres or rings!. The carrier is safe and comfortable in the water so that your baby gets a chance to become free in the water while being close to you. You can go into the water up to the neck of your child. But even if your baby’s takes a ducking once in a while that shouldn’t be a problem; in baby swimming classes it is actually practised regularly. Coming out of the water you can just leave your child in the carrier, so it will not cool down that fast and there is no need to hold it while walking on the (slippery) swimming pool floor. Also, you will have your hands free to support or help your other children. The ByKay AQUAcarrier is made of fabric especially manufactured for this purpose and it dries in an instant. You can even make the carrier ‘towel dry’ and leave it under your clothing. Bringing it along in your bag also is no problem as the ByKay AQUAcarrier can be folded into a small package that doesn’t take up much space at all.


    A day at the beach? Out of the water the ByKay AQUAcarrier has all the advantages of a ‘normal’ carrier. The fabric carries off moisture and sweat quickly so the carrier remains feeling comfortable and cool. Next to that, the fabric of the ByKay AQUAcarrier protects your baby against harmful UV radiation; with a protection factor of 45 you reduce the chance of sunburn considerably and you don’t have to apply sunscreen again and again.
    In comparison: sunscreen lotion blocks 70% radiation while the fabric of the ByKay AQUAcarrier blocks a whopping 98%!

    • Comfortable and safe for both you and your baby, in as well as out of the water
    • Your baby doesn’t not become heavy of slippery under the shower
    • You’ve got your hands free to wash yourself and your baby – or for your other children under the shower or in the swimming pool
    • Becoming free in the water: your baby can safely get used to a new situation
    • Be safe on the slippery (swimming) pool floor
    • Made of 100% polyester, so fast-drying
    • The fabric hardly absorbs any moisture
    • Best protection against harmful UV radiation
    • Can be washed in the washing machine (40 deg C). Do not tumble dry
    • Can be used from the first day up to toddler’s age and as long as it feels comfortable