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    BabyU Potette Plus - The Smart Travel Potty and Trainer Seat If you are looking for the best portable potty and toilet trainer seat, the BabyU Potette Plus is the answer. It is ideal for use at home and on-the-go during toilet training or travelling. The Potette Plus comes with a convenient hygienic carrying bag to make going to the toilet convenient wherever you find yourself, at any time. Potette Plus has super absorbent liners for use anywhere, afterwards just tie them up and toss in the trash. No stinky mess for you. Use Potette Plus on top of an adult-sized toilet seat. Its non-slip base sits securely over the regular seat at home or in public restrooms. You can go about your daily errands or routine without any worry about accidents. The potty is sturdy, and ready to use quickly, to set up pull down the legs and set into position for your child to use. The potty stores flat in its carrying case with the absorbent liner already in place to allow for immediate use. Colour - White seat with pale blue legs

    BabyU Potette Plus

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    BabyU Potette Plus Disposable Liners BabyU Potette Plus Disposable Liners are designed to work perfectly with the Potette Plus Folding Travel Potty. This system for toilet training and travel is one of the best in the world for both you and your child. It is simple to use, easy to carry in your car while on errands and makes cleanup hygienic and a snap. The disposable liners come in a pack of 10;

    BabyU Potette Plus Disposable Liners

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    The Childcare 2-in-1 Toilet Trainer offers a unique, space saving solution that provides convenient access to the toilet for both toddler and adult. The soft padded child seat is ideal for toilet training. It is convenient, easy to use, comfortably padded and fits most standard toilets. When not in use, the child seat stores neatly into the lid.

    Childcare 2-In-1 Toilet Trainer

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    Prince Lionheart Dresser Top Diaper Depot Baby doesn’t mess around at 3 am, and neither should you. Know where things are so you can find them in the dark. Get Baby clean and get back to sleep. Dresser Top Diaper Depot PRODUCT INFORMATION Features: Sits on a flat surface—ready for those 3am changes Holds 16 to 18 large diapers Removable side bins hold ointments, lotions, and more Put your favourite Prince Lionheart wipes WARMER on the top tray Get it before Baby is born to ease the nesting urge Width: 6.125 Height: 9.5 Length: 10.125 Cubage: 589.1484375

    Dresser Top Diaper Depot

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    The InfaSecure 20Litre Nappy pail is an ideal all-rounder pail. Featuring a tight fitting lid for added safety when soaking cloth nappies. Solid injection moulded construction. & A large carry handle make the 20Litre Nappy pail a robust, convenient solution for any number of situations around the home. Warranty: 12 Months Features: 20 litre volume Tight fitting lid Carry handle Variety of colours Strong moulded construction

    InfaSecure 20Litre Nappy Pail

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