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    BibiKids harnessed back pack Elephant - with lead/strap is a backpack for toddlers 1 - 3 years of age. These BibiKid backpack's come with a detachable tether Strap/Lead keeping your little one safe by your side in crowded areas, whilst still providing a sense of freedom and confidence. Our cute animal buddy backpacks have a unique drawstring top making it easy for little hands to open and close the main compartment and hidden in the cute character head which keeps everything secure! . They have enough space for toys, clothes, trinkets or snacks and two bottle holders on either side making them ideal for families on the go or pre school and kinder! BibiKids harnessed backpacks are a great travel accessory and ideal for car, plane or train travel, a friend you can take anywhere! Features: Backpack- 1-3 years KOALA. Top grab or hang handle. light and durable. adjustable chest H harness. buckle and strap doubles as a harness with detachable tether strap/lead. removable strap attaches to the bottom of the backpack. secure drawstring. main compartment.

    BibiKids Harnessed Back Pack – ELEPHANT

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    Dreambaby Bump Belts are designed to help you protect yourself and your most precious cargo, your unborn baby, from seatbelt related injuries that can occur during car travel. Dreambaby Bump Belts help prevent the seat belt from riding up over your baby bump and potentially causing injury or worse to your unborn baby in the event of a low-impact accident or even sharp braking or turning. Suitable for driver or passenger mums-to-be Easily transferred between vehicles Soft and comfortable Suitable for use in pregnancy from two to nine months Sits easily on most car seats Simply secure the Bump Belt behind the car seat, fasten your seatbelt as normal, and slot the adjustable flaps around the lap belt so that it sits comfortably below your bump.

    Dreambaby Bump Belt

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    PaddlePak Kids Backpack - Flo, Splash-proof pal for any adventure. PaddlePak is a water resistant backpack that's perfect for fun-filled days out and trips to the pool or beach. Made from lightweight and durable material. Designed to stop wet stuff getting in, or leaking out! Recommended for ages 2+

    PaddlePak Kids Backpack – Flo

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