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    Dreambaby Dehumidifying Egg removes excess moisture from the air and keeps the whole family safe from harmful bacteria caused by mould, mildew and other musty odours. Dreambaby® Dehumidifying Egg is great for baby’s nursery, bathrooms, laundries or closets. It requires no electricity and is easy to use – just set and forget! When the egg is at maximum moisture capacity, it becomes heavier and the indicator at the side changes from blue to pink. Capillary effect of advanced ceramic technology absorbs moisture from the surrounding space. Contains high molecular absorbing granules, Silica Gel SiO2, also called Water Glass, a thirsty substance with an absorption rate much higher than traditional, soluble humidity absorbing products. Great for small areas including nurseries and offices. Absorbs about 60cc to 80cc of moisture.

    Dreambaby Dehumidifying Egg

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    Dreamweaver Bluetooth Speaker & Nightlight Soothe baby with preloaded lullabies, white noise and natural sounds. Also stream unlimited music and stories from your smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth. FEATURES: Stream unlimited songs or stories from your smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth Includes preloaded lullabies (Brahms’ Lullaby, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik), natural sounds (heartbeat + waves) and white noise to create a calming environment Nightlight has four modes: sparkle, fade, dance and rhythm Adjustable sleep timer with constant-on or 15, 30, 45 and 60-minute settings Adjustable volume and finally Rechargeable SPECIFICATIONS: Dreamweaver Bluetooth Speaker & Nightlight Suitability: Parental Use Only Product Dimensions: L: 95mm x W: 95mm x H: 167mm Weight: 0.36kgs

    Dreamweaver Bluetooth Speaker & Nightlight

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    Goodnight Bear Night Light and Projector Simply select a colour or set in colour change mode and watch as the adorable bear softly lights up your baby's room. This adorable bear has 30 minutes of colour projection time and is portable and cord free to assist in making baby's room a safe place. This bear will help develop baby's eye coordination and visual development while soothing them into a good night's sleep.

    Goodnight Bear Night Light and Projector

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    The Gro hush Baby Calmer is a unique portable white noise baby calmer. It is set to be the next ‘must have’ baby product for new and expectant mums across the globe! It transmits soothing ‘white noise’ directly to your baby so that only they can hear it, keeping them relaxed and happy. Fantastic for use at home as part of your calming routine, or when out and about or travelling. A choice of three soothing white noise sounds to choose from, heart-beat, ocean waves or rain falling on a tin roof, which are all set at a safe volume. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) Includes a high quality protective travel case Automatically switches off after 10 minutes Volume is preset to safe sound levels and cannot be changed Cushion is covered in soft 100% cotton Cushion cover is washable Weighs 107 grams (with batteries) Use from birth

    Gro hush Baby Calmer

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    Gro Light – Edison Screw 2 in 1 Night Light E27

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    Soothe baby to sleep with high-quality sounds from nature or a melodic lullaby. The soft glow of the Lion Sound Soother & Nightlight creates a tranquil environment so your little one can drift to sleep more easily. Its playful design, combining well-placed controls and offering AC or battery power, making it fun and easy to use.

    Lion Sound Soother & Nightlight

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    Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap SMALL – Classic Choose your Sleepwrap model according to the ‘mattress’ sizing required. Both Sleepwrap models are suitable for newborn to 24 months plus. The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap SMALL - Classic Helps prevent your baby from: Rolling onto their tummy. Crawling under bedding. Becoming jammed in a corner or a bed end. Getting tangled in the bedding or swaddling. Pulling themselves up in the cot/crib. Trying to climb out or falling off the bed. Also Available: Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap LARGE – Travel

    Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap SMALL – Classic

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    Safety 1st Finger Pinch Guard

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    This revolutionary VeeBee Fold Down Bed-guard provides peace of mind. While maintaining accessibility for bed-time stories and bed-changing without removal. Featuring an extra large panel and a sturdy powder coated frame. The bed-guard will fit framed and unframed beds and beds with spring bound bases. White L1020 x H540 mm

    VeeBee Fold Down Bed-guard

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